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Thread: iPad not a toy

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    iPad not a toy
    I'm puzzled by ongoing opinions that the iPad is just a toy. I'm coming up on a year with my iPad 2. It has replaced my laptop. It can't do the complex report writing, spreadsheet work and photo editing that I do on my desktop, but I don't find I need to do that kind of work on the road. Paired with a wireless keyboard, I can write and do basic spreadsheet work. I don't miss not having an SD slot or USB port thanks to email, Dropbox and other ways to share files. Paired with my iPhone, I can scan documents and manage photos well enough. I've taken to giving presentations from my iPad. I use web-based systems on my iPad now for many tasks, using my iPad. The iPad is easy to carry, instant on, and has great battery life, so I always have it with me around the house, around town, in the shop and on the road, where by the way its GPS navigation capability works well. It hasn't completely taken over my work owing to security concerns, but I find I can compartmentalize things well enough. Hopefully the industry will fix the security issues. I could go on with the many ways I use it in my work and personal life, but this is long enough. It's much more than a toy for me.
    Longtime Windows, then onto slippery slope with iPod/iTunes in 2006, then Apple TV, iPad, iMac, iPhone, rejuvenated a discarded MacBook and, finally, Apple Watch. Happy camper.

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    My girlfriend calls anything I like using, "another one of my expensive toys." Even though I use my MacBook Pro to get a college degree from the University of Phoenix, my iPhone to check emails, including work email on the road, and my iPad to read stuff I would otherwise read anyway like the news, comic books, science fiction novels, and so on. The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demapples View Post
    It's much more than a toy for me.
    ..and that's the key part. To you, it is not a toy and functions significantly more like a laptop than to perhaps someone like me who uses it more for casual (and quick) browsing, e-mail, reading books and other "fun" to me it is indeed a "toy" in the sense that I'm not doing serious work on it..

    For any lengthy amount of "work", I just end up heading over to the iMac and do it there..

    Devices these days have being multiple things to multiple people and what people choose to use them for and more importantly call them is unique to their situation and in no incorrect or for that matter correct..

    If the iPad does a lot of things for you and allows you to not have to take your laptop or other computers around, then that's awesome..perhaps that isn't enough for others..

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    I use mine extensively for work, taking notes in meetings and running presentations. I only take my company laptop (which is actually a netbook) if I need to do some serious typing.

    The weight saving and convenient form factor makes carrying it round all day much easier.

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    I agree that sometimes people forget how powerful the ipad really is. It's so popular among kids so I can see how people could see it as 'just a toy'.

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