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eimantas1994 03-15-2012 05:03 PM

just about ipad benefits :)
so how much time you spend per day using the iPad and what you doing with that gadget mostly? or maybe are people who are dissapoinded with ipad? just asking about how good is experience with ipad:)

chas_m 03-16-2012 03:05 PM

I can only give you my own experience, but I spend about two hours a day with the iPad. What I mostly use it for is what I call "casual computing" -- nothing too important. FaceTime, e-mail, surfing, reading and photography viewing, games and now (more and more) photo editing.

I really, REALLY enjoy the iPad, as it helps me separate my "work life" from my "leisure life," it has helped me to read more for pleasure, and it's powerful enough to take with me on trips instead of the MacBook all the time. I had until yesterday the iPad 1 but I sold it (for half what I paid for it, which is more than I expected) and bought the new one today. Still "restoring" it at the moment but I'm sure I will enjoy it even more, particularly for reading.

As I mentioned, I already have a "regular" Mac (a MacBook, soon to upgrade to a MacBook Pro) and I also have an iPhone 4 so there's a bit of overlap between the iPhone 4 and the iPad, but not enough to detract from the iPad. Now that I have the new iPad I expect to start using it more for TV/Movie viewing as well.

JohnLynch 03-17-2012 07:57 AM

I use my iPad solely as an ebook reader (and ocassionally waste time playing games on it). Now that I've upgraded from an iPad 1 to an iPad 3 I can actually use it for my gaming. The iPad 1 was simply unable to cope with 50MB+ PDFs which was unfortunate as many of the PDFs I needed it to cope with were above this size range. I'm really happy that my iPad 3 is now capable of handling these sizes.

I can now resume moving away from physical books and moving solely into PDFs once more which will help with my storage issues.

In addition I read comics on my iPad and surf the web on it.

I'm hopeful I'll be able to sell my iPad 1 for a couple of hundred, thus reducing the price of my iPad for me.

Demapples 03-17-2012 08:47 AM

Use it several times a day:
Task management
Websites for information
Image management
Reading eBooks
Giving presentations
Word documents (reading, storing, transmitting)

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