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Mr Wesley 03-15-2012 01:38 PM

Serious iPad migration fears
Hey, all. Although I've visited these forums before looking for answers, this is the first time I've posted because I can't seem to log into Apple's support communities (but that's another discussion).

I currently have an iPad 1, but I'm going to be giving that to my kids tomorrow when I pick up my new iPad. All of my current apps and files are linked to my wife's computer, but the new iPad will be linked to my new Mac Mini. But my wife will be using her own AppleID to download things for the kids.

Here are my questions:
1. How do I migrate all current settings to my new iPad when I can't even see what apps I've purchased on my computer?
2. Once I've done that, is there anyway I can easily share the apps on my account and give them to my wife's account without having to download everything individually again?

Thanks for any help you can give!

Zoolook 03-15-2012 01:42 PM

Your Apps are locked to the Apple ID they were purchased using (in my opinion this is one of the weakest links of the iTunes and App store). However, with iCloud it's possible to have your own Apple ID independent of the iTunes store ID.

I would suggest your wife create her own ID (as should you) but you keep the original Apple ID as shared to buy apps, movies etc. Otherwise, you'll lose them.

I don't think Apple will selectively move apps from one ID to another, and I doubt they will enable that simply because it will open up a market for 'used' apps, music and video... and the world isn't quite ready for that.

So, you need to log on to the Apple ID associated with the apps on your Mac, download them and when you plug your new iPad in, sync the apps you want.

chas_m 03-16-2012 03:06 PM

It's quite likely that Apple will (eventually) come up with some kind of consolidation program for Apple IDs ... they are aware of the issues that can arise and Tim Cook said they were working on a solution, but I doubt it's their top priority right now.

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