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    Dec 28, 2011
    ipad 3 64gb
    ipad in the plane
    can i use ipad with no 3g on the airplane?

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    You can even use an iPad with 3G (or 4G for that matter) in the plane as long as you put it into "Airplane Mode" so all sending and receiving is deactivated.

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    Many airlines now offer Wi-Fi on board the plane during portions of the flight (the part that doesn't involve takeoff or landing). There will usually be a fee, though some airlines are experimenting with free service or at least certain services for free (like Facebook access only) in an effort to keep passengers docile.

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    iPad on a plane?
    Much better than Snakes on a Plane.

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    If it has an 'on/off' button, turn it off is the new mantra.

    Airplane mode not good enough for takeoff and landing.

    Which makes you wonder...what is 'airplane' mode, then.

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