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Thread: US iPad2 in Spain, power converter question

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    US iPad2 in Spain, power converter question
    Got to Spain with iPad2, and the power converter I brought along isn't working. Went to a store today, salesperson insisted this "adapter" would work, because it is listed as rated "100-240V". It is a Belkin Universal USB Wall Charger. I still insist I need a power converter, because 240V are going to come out of the wall into my iPad, not 120. Will this work, or fry my iPad?
    Other than this, I've found nothing else to help, and I'm running out of power. Advice? Please?

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    If its a 110 to 240 V charger then it's what's called switchable, which is common nowadays. It basically detects the input voltage and adjusts accordingly

    Even the power power supply on my 2001 G4 mac is switchable, so it was OK when I bought it from the States and plugged it in to the UK power
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    US iPad2 In Spain
    Thanks for your reply!
    How do I know if it's "switchable"?
    Thanks a bunch!

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    Your iPad works on 110 - 240V 50 or 60 Hz AC. Make sure you're using the correct adapter to match the US plug to the Spanish wall outlet. The Belkin charger likewise should work OK.

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    You dont need to worry whether it's 110v or 240v going into your matter the outlet or voltage, the same level goes into the ipad. The converter can essentially adapt to both voltage levels and the only difference you may notice is the DC converter may become a little bit warmer. If you have the apply branded ipad charger, all you need is an adapter and you can plug that baby right in!

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