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    Quote Originally Posted by ellenmac View Post
    Grand ma.
    Ha ha...sorry about that. I'm not sure how I read/thought "Granddad" from your earlier post.

    So to rephrase..."Somebodies a VERY lucky "camper"...and has a GREAT grandma!!!

    - Nick
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    Quote Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
    Ha ha...sorry about that. I'm not sure how I read/thought "Granddad" from your earlier post.

    So to rephrase..."Somebodies a VERY lucky "camper"...and has a GREAT grandma!!!

    - Nick
    Thank you Nick.

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    I got a refurb iPad 2 at best buy for $359. Apparently someone purchased it 3/2 and returned it. Still pretty much wrapped up. I purchased it 3/9. I'm so happy with it!

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    my answer to thread question
    I have both the iPad2 and iPad3. The display is slightly better, 20%. Unless you need the 4G capability (my issue) or the new camera, the iPad2 is a superb choice. If you don't need either one, save yourself money and get the iPad2.
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    One thing - it isn't just 4G - if you get the Verizon iPad - you can use it as a hotspot and just pay for data. AT&T of course isn't enabled yet.
    The new iPad | Verizon iPad | Verizon Wireless
    iPad hotspot feature will be available on Verizon, not AT&T | Macworld
    That hotspot feature is unique in that you don't have to pay extra to use it as a hotspot and it pulls from the same data. The iPhone hotspot costs $20/month and is off of a different data - i.e. I bought my iPhone when they offered unlimited data - but if I add a hotspot feature then I have some limit on my data - 2GB for the tether part. Plus there is no contract so you can turn it on and off monthly.

    Personally I wanted the higher res display for when I remote into different machines with VNC or RDP. I noticed that I don't have to zoom to work. I do have to hook an external keyboard as the on screen keyboard takes way too much screen real estate. Also - web pages are readable in either portrait or landscape - whereas with the iPad 2 - I was doing most of my browsing in landscape. iBooks look amazing and the Kindle App does look better but not as good as iBooks. (Looks fall under IMHO YMMV)

    The back does get hotter than the other generation iPads but not uncomfortable for me.

    The Camera is a bonus for me but not something I really wanted. Good in a pinch but taking a picture with a tablet looks rather ridiculous.

    The iPad 2 is a fine device and works great as a tablet. I updated so I could get family(grandparents) an easy to use facetime device - and I wanted the higher resolution screen. If it weren't for the grandparents I really would have a hard time convincing myself to upgrade to "the new iPad"

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    Refurbnished IPad2
    I wanted to get a refurbished IPad2, 16gb, wifi only and now Apple seems to have sold out of them. Does anyone know if they will get more in stock?

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    Yes, they will certainly get more in stock.

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    Well I got my new iPad yesterday, and I am completely in love with iPad all over again. My original iPad was getting frustrating because apps were crashing regularly and it was slow to switch between apps (all due to memory in my opinion, not the A4). So I am completely stoked!

    I did a quick compare with my wife's iPad 2 last night, and speed wise there is nothing in it, they seem identical. The screens look worlds apart though - the iPad 2 seems washed out by comparison, and seems to have more 'leakage' if that makes sense, but I never noticed this before getting the new iPad.

    My advice would be, if you're going to get an iPad 2, don't spend too much time with the new iPad, because once you have, the older screen will look worse than it really is.

    One last thing - the weight really isn't an issue if you're used to the original, but the iPad 2 is noticeably lighter when holding in one hand.
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    I have been wanting a Ipad for a long time, so the day the new Ipad came out,I went to Best Buy and and bought a brand new Ipad 2, I figured they were selling them reg price a week ago, and since I never have had one I thought it would be fine to start with the 2,,plus I saved money, I would have only been able to get a 16 or at most a 32 but instead I got a 64 and love it,and saved some cash.
    God Bless You !!

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    Ordered a refurb iPad 2 from Apple yesterday...the $150 savings was too good to pass up. I have had great results with their refurb program (an iMac and Macbook, could not tell either from new and no problems at all).


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