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    Should I get 1 or 2 iPads?
    I want a new iPad. So does my child. Should I get 1 or 2? They aren't cheap. Is there a way to keep my child out of my iPad info if we share the iPad?

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    I say you buy 3, and then give me one..

    We have a single iPad 2 in our house..and me, my wife and our daughter share it..she only gets to play with it on the weekends..

    My daughter has her apps on that she's interested in, the same with my wife and me..for somethings that we do commonly (Facebook, Twitter) we've found clients that support multiple accounts..

    Though, for things like E-Mail, we ended up just putting all of our email addresses in there and my wife just has to be careful when she sends emails out since my account is the default account..

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    Depends on the age of your child and your discretionary income. Personally, I wouldn't get a child a brand new iPad. I would probably go for a refurb 16gb iPad2 that are currently selling from Apple for $349. They are always in perfect shape, carry the same 1 year warranty as new ones, and I think they are eligible for Apple Care+ (which might be a good idea for a child)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge View Post
    I say you buy 3, and then send one to vansmith..
    I agree completely!

    Quote Originally Posted by ipadiphonemac View Post
    I will say get a ipad3 or "new ipad"....
    It's only $100 more than iPad2 but has a whole lots of hardware updates.
    That doesn't help since the OP is concerned with cost.

    I really wish iOS had user accounts beyond the default one. At a minimum, I wish it had profiles for certain applications (I'm looking at you Safari and Mail). There's software available if you jailbreak but that's likely not worth it - every time I've jailbroken my iOS devices, the experience is terrible. As such, you're a bit out of luck if you want to use the device with multiple people if there are concerns about privacy.

    Depending on what your child needs in a tablet, you might be able to find another tablet that's cheaper that still meets your needs. What does your child need one for?
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    Get the kid an iPad 1 or 2 from Craigslist or a refurbished iPad 2 from (assuming they really need one)
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