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Thread: Ipad 1 issue

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    Ipad 1 issue
    I can recieve e-mails on my ipad 1 but cannot send. Get message: The user name or password for SMPT is incorrect

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    Well, I'm not familiar with Hotmail (for good reason) but I don't see how a double @ as you have there could possibly be correct, nor the space between the s and the mtp (though I assume that's just a typo).

    But even if I'm wrong, they message you're getting is that the user name or password is wrong. Most of the time, that's exactly what is in fact going on (again, typos). Alternatively, Hotmail may require a secure ... oh dear, trying to keep a straight face here ... a secure connection on the SMTP. Double check Hotmail's web page for third-party mail clients and SMTP settings to make sure there's no possibility of typos or misconfiguration.

    If all else fails, delete the account off the iPad entirely and re-add it.

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    Instead of using Hotmail's SMTP server, use your ISP's..

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