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    Best word processor or office suite APP

    I'm looking for something to allow me to edit word processing documents on my ipad. Any recommendations?

    COming in an office style bundle is a bonus but not essential

    Pages... is the only one I've heard of... any good?

    Thanks in advance
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    Pages... is the only one I've heard of... any good?
    Pages is part of the iWork suite sold by Apple. Since the inauguration of the Mac App store it's being sold separately. And yes, it's good. There is a prototype of MS Office for iOS being tested but who knows when it will be released or how much MS will charge for it. I would go with Pages for now. You can always get something else later on if for some reason you don't like Pages.

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    Pages being so ludicrously cheap, it's worth trying out even if you don't ultimately hold onto it.

    Look into Goodreader or QuickOffice Connect as well.

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    DocsToGo is another good and cheap option. It can handle Word docs, Excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations (though I have never tried to use this specific capability).

    I also have all the iWorks apps on my iPad and they are very good. They are (obviously) better at dealing with their native formats and it's a toss-up whether Pages or DocsToGo is better at editing Word documents.

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