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    Weird, new iPad charging issue
    Just in the past few days, my iPad will no longer charge when on. This is an issue because I use it as an alarm clock at night and this is always when I charge it. If my iPad is in sleep mode, it will charge just fine.

    I have not changed my wall outlet or charging cable....and this setup had worked fine until a few days ago.

    Any ideas?

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    From your account, I'd say the charger or the charging cable have developed a fault. I assume you've already tested by changing to a different wall outlet, so we can rule out a fault in the electrical system.

    The quick way to test the charger/charging cable is to swap with a friend who also has an iPad and see if they have the same issue and/or your issue goes away using their charging cable. If so, then my guess is right. If not, it could be a problem with the actual iPad itself and should be tested by a technician.

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    Sounds like a bad charger to me, call apple.

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