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    Question Sound issue iPad2
    I have had my iPad2 less than two weeks. About a week ago, I was playing a YouTube video when the sound suddenly stopped. I didn't think much of it as I just thought I clicked something by accident and would click around and see what I did. I finally linked my iPad to my computer's iTunes and realized there was still no sound. No apps, videos, music, or anything. I have been all over this forum and others and have tried to fix the issue based on many of the suggestions. I have played with the mute/screen orientation button both above the physical volume switch and when I toggle to the left after double-clicking the home screen. I have shut it down and re-started. I don't have a docking station and had not used headphones when the issue started. When I put headphones in now, I still don't hear sound. The only external hardware I use, and have since I bought it is a Zagg bluetooth keyboard.

    I don't want to have to do a system restore if I don't have to. Any thoughts?

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    Take it straight back to Apple or the retailer you bought it from and get it looked at/exchanged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrplow View Post
    Take it straight back to Apple or the retailer you bought it from and get it looked at/exchanged.
    Thanks. Hoping to have to avoid that, but with a name like Mr. Plow, it has to be trustworthy.

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    I've moved your post to a more proper forum; please be sure to check the forum descriptions to find the best place to post.

    By posting in the right forum you help people not only find your question faster, but it helps others looking for the same information in the future.

    Thanks for understanding!
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