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    Ok, I will get killed for this but I'm going to ask anyway.

    Can anyone recommend a FREE GPS voice navigation app that works as well as google maps on my android tablet? I want to keep the Ipad2 as it integrates well with my Air 2011. I am amazed that they have not adopted something better than mapquest4 for iPhone! I also have free gps on my new galaxy nexus but I want the larger screen and I plan to get a car mount so I can access email etc. on the road.

    Please no flamers! I use an android phone because of the blazing fast 4G and readable screen size. I have no allegiance to any brand, I only buy based on features available. I.e. if apple comes out with a 4g phone this summer with at least a 4" screen and google voice navigation-voice I will be all over it.

    Any suggestions?

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    Free, no.

    And there wont be a 4" iPhone. there is a reason the iPhone has the screen size it does; based on ergonomics, most people in the world can touch over 95% of the screen with their thumb one handed. Some of the same thought that put the speaker on the iPhone where it is - lay it on the table and the the table noticeably amplifies the sound.

    Google is the one at fault for not allowing iOS devices the same navigation experience as their android counterparts.

    Also, please let me know when you are on your way through KY accessing your email from your phone on a car mount. I want to be the off the roads.
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    Deckyon is quite correct that Google is abusing their monopoly power in this instance by not letting their own Maps application on other platforms have the same features as the Android version. I would fully expect they will end up following MS down the road to the Justice Dept. if they continue in that fashion.

    I would respectfully disagree that there will "never" be a 4" iPhone screen, they are very clever people at Apple and they might find a way to get the screen a bit bigger without making the iPhone unwieldy as some Android models can be for people who don't have bear-paw hands.

    And while he could have put it more tactfully, I will second the call to use good sense and safe practices while driving with a smartphone. I routinely see accidents with horrible injuries and damage that are caused by ignoring the hands-free laws that forbid doing things like reading e-mail on the road. It's not worth the risk, IMO.

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