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Thread: Ios5.0.1 on iPad 1

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    Ios5.0.1 on iPad 1
    I recently downloaded 5.0.1 on my ipad1 ... And I find although safari toggles thru websites fast, the 1080p hd quality video quality is reduced on my iPad since upgrading. Anyone know why? I restarted, rebooted, turned off,on , etc...
    Does it have to do with ios 5.0.1 using so much data that it s slowing the hd stream, which is affecting the resolution? Before the update, 1080p hd as well as most online video streams were coming back crystal clear. And it's not the Internet connection either, I checked, it's fine.
    Any help? Thx.

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    I can tell you that it has nothing to do with iOS 5.0.1 "using so much data" (have no idea what you mean here).

    Your iPad has never been capable of viewing 1080p video, as its screen resolution is fixed at 1024x768. The stream may be coming to you at whatever resolution, but it was always being downgraded to fit your screen.

    What "stream" is this, I'd be happy to test it for you on my own iPad.

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