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Thread: Cool ads are making me want to buy an iPad 2

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    Cool ads are making me want to buy an iPad 2
    I have MacBook Pro for 4 months. I like it. All these ads about iPad are making me want to buy one. But I think I don't need it. Is it really that great?

    And about iPhone 4S. I have really old phone (7 years old). I use it only for calling and text messages. I should maybe buy one but I have a Mac and I use it for all other things. Is iPhone really better than other phones?

    Help me to decide to buy one of these or maybe none of them?.

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    I've been using a First generation iPhone until the iPhone 4s came out. I <3 the iPhone love everything about it and when I use other phones it doesn't seem to be as easy or enjoyable to use.

    That's just me though...

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    Your MacBook was your gateway drug, just as my iPod Touch (2007) was mine. In fact, since then I have gotten, in the last year I have gotten an iPad (gen1), MacBook Pro, iPhone 4S and an iPod Nano (Gen6). I gave my iPod Touch and iPod Nano (gen4) to my nieces and they love them.

    Beware. Once you start this path, it will not end.
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    Here's what I said in one of the many similar threads on this exact same topic:

    I can only tell you what happened in my life when we finally got around to getting an iPad (at xmas).

    The two big things that happened were:
    1. Suddenly I found myself reading a lot more. By this I mean every sort of reading -- from web sites (surfing) and email to (e)books and (e)magazines. The iPad is *incredibly* pleasurable for all sorts of reading. I have a (real) book I'm reading at the moment that a friend of mine wrote, and every time I pick it up I want to email him and beg him to get it on the iBookstore (et al).

    2. My "leisure" computing -- games, videos, reading, casual surfing, Facebook, and so forth -- got moved to the iPad. I did not expect this to happen. Now my laptop is used more or less for work purposes only. As an experiment I took only my iPad and iPhone with me on my last vacation -- and found I didn't miss the laptop even a little. I can do "useful" things on the iPad too, but I tend not to want to much. For me, it's my break from "regular" computing.

    As for the iPhone, yes. It is that much better than all the other wannabe smartphones.

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