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    ipad - send photo to network folder/address
    hi new on here so hopefully in right place.
    (posted in a different area of the forum that might not be as appropriate as this section so here goes)

    i'm a school teacher and currently using my ipad to help in my lessons (finding it very useful as well)

    one thing i'm finding very difficult is .. if i take a photo of a pupils work for records i have to e mail it to myself then place it in the correct folder on our network ... is there an app or way that I can send the photo directly to the network location without e mailing it to myself.

    i have installed drop box not a very confident user of it yet - but if i could get them to go straight to a destination it would make life so much easier

    Thanks for any support

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    I love questions like this because in trying to find an answer for you I learned something new!

    I was thinking as I read this: "what you need is something like DropCopy, but for the iPad ... hey I wonder if they ever made a Dropcopy for iOS?"


    App Store - DropCopy - share files and clipboards wirelessly

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