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    iPad 2 discussion
    I bought an iPad and, don't get me wrong, the things a blast, but i'm having a hard time discovering consistent, purposeful use for it, I have a home PC for my Adobe Master Suite needs, a macbook (until i buy ps cs5 and dreamweaver) for my coding and such, then I have my iPad which I occasionally bring to school I have a few game applications but other than that I hardly use the thing and am possibly thinking about selling it.
    any discussion we can whip up and shed some light on this subject?!
    what do you fellas use it for?!

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    I suppose it depends on the type of person you are.
    Personally, I find the iPad absolutely indispensable now.
    If you are the type of person that has always sat down to the computer to do some serious work with some serious software, then your usual routine can in no way be replaced by the iPad....yet, although there are various ways in which it can add to it, connecting remotely (and mobilely) to your home, or other computers, for example. Also carrying a massive library of books with you and thousands of other gadgets in the form of apps.
    I know an iPhone can do this and is much easier to pocket, but it's all just much more usable on the iPad due to the size.
    If on the other hand (and there are many variations inbetween), you are more of a random surfer/researcher someone who wonders about a thousand things a minute, someone who just loves being able to answer their own questions by instantly being able to search and filter the millions of pages of information on the internet, watch videos, read information easily, then the iPad is great.
    It's always by my side, it's simple, rarely goes wrong or needs any attention, and for me most importantly, doesn't require me to sit at a desk, I just cannot tolerate that position, with a big screen glaring in my face, I like the screen to be willing and able to move around me, not vice versa.
    I love the big screen from a distance, but for general researching and basic computer tasks, iPad rules.

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    Thanks guys,
    @pigoo3, thanks for the post with all those looks, don't have much time now, but when I sit down and have a minute I would like to look into those!

    @AKlove that was nice view into how you see it, and I definitely can visualize a little bit better now. thanks!

    any other stand points?

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    I love reading on the iPad, I love looking at photo sites or my own photos on it. I love putting on the headphones and watching a movie or TV show.

    I have a BT keyboard I will occasionally pair with it and use for writing. It really helps me focus on writing compared to a MacBook.

    There are lots of other things I like to do with it (games included) but few of them are really "productive." I have a few friends that use their iPad for important grown-up business stuff (my term) but not me. It's my couch Mac.

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    iPad lives on the coffee table and gets used daily...usually in the evening during TV commercials and dinner prep.

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