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Thread: Selling iPad

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    Selling iPad
    We have a house iPad1 that everyone shares. When the 3 is released we want to sell the iPad1 and purchase an iPad3. What do you think we can expect to get for the iPad1 at that time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jertronic View Post
    What do you think we can expect to get for the iPad1 at that time?
    What you're really asking is...can we predict the future!

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    Your iPad 1 will be significantly old after the iPad 3 is released and will sell for "decent" money only if it's in pristine condition and the higher capacity ones. You're better of trying to sell it now and wait for iPad 3 to be released, right now it's just one generation old as opposed to 2 later on..

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    I've moved your post to a more proper forum; please be sure to check the forum descriptions to find the best place to post.

    By posting in the right forum you help people not only find your question faster, but it helps others looking for the same information in the future.

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    As mentioned, nobody can predict the future BUT the nature of things is that something that is 2 generations back will be seen as less valuable, even though the iPad will be running the same OS and do almost all the same things.

    At a guess I'd say you should be able to sell the original iPad for 1/3rd of retail. You might get a bit more if you're selling to someone for whom the iPad 2 wouldn't be a good fit (let's say they're deathly scared of webcams for instance).

    I plan on doing the exact same thing: when the iPad 3 comes out I will sell my iPad 1 for whatever I can get for it.

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    I would either go with the 2 or the 3. the first generation doesnt have that many "advanced" features.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabbitjetta View Post
    I would either go with the 2 or the 3. the first generation doesnt have that many "advanced" features.
    This is broadly incorrect. It can run the very latest iOS version, can use iMessage, runs almost all of the latest apps other than the most high-end games, but generally is indistinguishable from a new one once you put in a case except for the lack of cameras.

    Your criteria of "advanced features" may be different than mine, but I think that's just too vague and general a statement to be accurate. PRIMARILY what the iPad 2 has over the iPad 1 is cameras and a bit of thinness (and high-end gaming ability, I guess). That's about it.

    For 90 percent of what people use the iPad for (surfing, social, chatting, reading, watching) there's not a lot of difference.

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