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    export photo and video off iPad
    i understand that i can use the camera connection kit to upload photos and video to my iPad directly from my camera, then edit them in iMovie, is there a way to then get the edited content off my iPad onto external storage?
    my iPad is only 16g and does not have the storage i need for a weekend of photos and videos when i would be away from my computer and internet connection
    thank you

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    Sounds like a job for ... CLOUD STORAGE!! (please supply echo effect for all-caps words.)

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    I am to understand that the cloud only works if you have Internet connection
    I will not have any Internet connection what so ever when I need to move files around (i realize this is very uncommon for most people)
    I would like to do so with everything physically connected
    Is this possible

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    Apparently there are a few drives that can be connected to an iPad, though I've not heard of any that were actually recommended.

    I'll have an opportunity later to look up a listserv discussion that touched on this topic and I'll see if anything relevant to you was discussed.

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    Unforetunatley what would seem like a simple task isn't without a network connection.

    So . . . . I'm not saying this is the cheapest/best/most robust solution..... but it is a solution.
    You'll need:
    FileBrowser and AirSharing from the AppStore and CloudFTP from Hyperdrive

    CloudFTP is a little box that makes an adhoc wifi network drive out of your USB hard disk (there are wifi enabled hard disks out there but this little box is more flexible). You connect your iPad to this ad-hoc wifi network.

    Once all this is in place you can use FileBrowser to navigate all your images and videos and add them into AirSharing.
    From AirSharing you can send them to the (now wifi enabled) hard disk.

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    Sorry for the delay in replying.

    Here are some options, but I have no personal experience with them.


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