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    receipt printer
    Does anyone know of a printing app that will add a mobil thermal receipt printer via the printers ip address or through the network settings on an ipad?

    Internet is not an option the ipads are out in the field and in some areas cellular internet is not available.

    I have contacted Zebra, Star Micronics, and Source Technologies. All say they are working on it.

    Zebra only works with network system through a pc or mac.
    I spent 4 hours at the Star Micronics location in New Jersey and another 2 hours at the Source Technologies corp. headquarters in Charlotte. I was hoping for some way to use an app to communicate to the printer with the ip address. A German manufacture claims to be ipad Bluetooth but wants $950 per printer. The USA brands run about 1/2 the cost.

    I am using FileMaker and Go for my database.

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    I probably don't have a full solution for you, but there are a number of printers out there that support AirPrint or can be made to do so using AirPrint Activator. Maybe something like that would work for you. I used AirPrint Activator (a Mac program) to make my Epson Stylus R280 available to my iPad. Whenever the Mac and the printer are on, I can print to my printer from anywhere via a local or Wi-Fi connection.

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