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    Weird duplicate song issue on my iPad
    Ok, I've been having this problem for a while, I tried to call Apple support a while back only to discover that my free support had expired. My sister got a new iPad for Christmas and I used her serial number to call them this morning. I called twice and talked to two different persons and got nowhere, so now I'm posting here to see if anyone can help.

    The problem is that my iPad appears to have almost every song I have synced to it duplicated. I say appears, because when I plug the device into my computer and sync with iTunes, it shows that I have 3.6 GB of audio on it. That's what I would expect, considering the playlist I sync to my iPad with the most songs on it, My Top Rated, has 705 songs in it and is ~3.4 GB. When I browse the songs on my iPad, though, it shows tons of duplicates, BUT there is no rhyme or reason to which songs appear duplicated and which ones don't. I've uploaded screenshots with relevant info here. It seems as though the problem is with the 'My Top Rated' playlist, but I can't for the life of me figure out why.

    I've tried erasing and resyncing, I've checked to make sure everything is in order, and my iPod syncs with no problem. Hope someone can help.

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    duplicate songs on ipad - solution
    Depdog - I think i figured out the issue. I was having the same problem. I connected to itunes and "unchecked" all songs from my library and synced. there were still 5 albums on my ipad. i think the issue is that any music you download directly to your ipad from itunes gets duplicated when you sync when connected to your computer.

    I deleted each of the albums from my ipad manually (touch & hold until they wiggle and the "x" will show up to delete just like apps). Then I connected to the computer, selected all of the albums/artists I wanted to sync, ran a sync, and the songs were no longer duplicated.

    Only took about 15 minutes with sync time. Hope that helps.

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