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    iPad or Macbook?
    Hi, I am new to all of this. And I have been trying to figure out what I should purchase next. I could either get an iPad 2 (new) or, an early 2011 Macbook Pro (refurbished by Apple). I have about a 4 year old HP Notebook, that I usually just keep plugged in on my bed, which is fine. I know I can write stuff on an iPad, but I don't know what would be better. My laptop is not in THAT need of an upgrade, but, you know how it is, it would be nice. Anyways, if you could help me with my decision it would wonderful!



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    Hey I have an ipad2 16 gig wifi , MacBook air , MacBook pro and iMac all new. I use the iPad mostly for reading and music on the road. Personally I wish it was a MacBook air 11" . Would serve as a much better tool. It's still limited to the iOS and the apps I wish to use. I love it still but having push to rely on getting messages sucks as only one app open at a time sucks!!! So if u can handle one at a time go for it but as for me I prefer the small laptops.
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    An iPad is now capable of being a complete standalone computer, but if one is going to do a lot of writing on it I would strongly recommend a wireless keyboard and a stand (Apple sells both separately or as a weighted combination, and many third-party companies offer similar products).

    I do think people who primarily use computers to create rather than just "consume" would likely be happier in the long run with a MacBook of some type. In addition to the built-in keyboard they have many other versatilities that are difficult to replicate on an iPad.

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    Agree with chas_m

    I use my iPad about 90% of the time and find it to be almost indispensible. Having said that, it is not yet (for me) a true laptop or desktop replacement.

    For my 2 cents, if your HP is still going strong, get the iPad and later on add a MacBook Pro or Air when/if you need to replace your HP.
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    I use my iPad for about 75% of my daily activities and then have a Dell laptop that I use for development, design, etc...which will be soon replaced with Macbook Air.

    I agree with Razormac....iPad now and upgrade your laptop later when you need too.

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    Completely depends on your needs which are not mentioned. I do a lot or programming, this would be a nightmare on an iPad. Even writing a lot would be hard work, unless paired with an apple keyboard. I use the iPad for reading books, surfing the bet, answering emails, listening to music, playing movies... anything that does not require a lot of typing or mouse movements. I use the computer for REAL work, which requires typing and mouse movements and multiple windows open and large desktop space. I disagree an iPad is capable of being a complete standalone computer, a computer/iPad is different things for different people. A computer can do it all, an iPad can't.
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    Yeah, but at the same time a computer (even a MacBook Air) is nowhere near as portable as an iPad. It is supremely comfortable to dawdle around on my iPad in the passenger seat of a car with the 3G humming away bringing me all the content I could want to consume. The same experience would be nowhere near as good with my MBA.

    I say, if the laptop is still humming along, get the iPad this year and then begin saving/shopping for the new laptop a little on down the line. As a warning though, the Apple products have some kinda secret about them. Once you have one you will slowly begin to acquire the others.

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    Actually I have a 4 year HP too, a pavillion dv6000, and it works fine still (after a few clean installs now and again!) so I still do development on that at home or on holiday, but for general use (emails, internet, music) I use the iPad or iPhone. So get the iPad and use the HP in the short term for pc things, works for me ok. BUT... I hate the laptop, so am saving for a MacBook because I can't stand windows anymore, its slow to bootup, battery is rubbish etc. and it is a beast to carry around (compared to the iPad). I can't wait to get a MacBook! So you do need both, but iPad first.

    And yes, once you go Apple you won't stop. Getting an iPhone cost me thousands (just had to get 2x iMacs, iPad, AppleTV and accessories once I got an iPhone!).
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