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    iPad 1 Green Screen Problems *After Warranty?*
    Good morning (and merry Christmas) Mac forums!

    Turned on my iPad this morning and the screen is pretty screwed. There's a lot of green mess and it doesn't really work. In short - it's shot hardware side.

    The problems been posted here before but this was with people who just bought their iPad. This one is at least a year to 18 months old which means it's outside of the year warranty.

    Does anyone know what my play is here?

    I didn't have Apple Care or anything so I'm expecting to have to pay. Could anyone tell me if I should expect to pay full price or is there a lower repair fee?

    Any advice much appreciated!

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    It very much depends on what the nature of the hardware issue actually is, of course, but I think you should expect to have to pay.

    You might at least try (if you haven't already), a hardware shut down the reboot or a software backup and restore to see if either of those fix the issue.

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    You probably need a new lcd.iPad LCD Replacement | iPad LCD Repair

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