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    Hi There

    I have a slight issue that I'd like some input on. In the grand scheme of things it's a pretty pathetic dilemma.

    I'd been planning on picking up an iPad 3 when released in March/April (or whenever), but I just found out that someone is buying me an iPad 2 for Christmas. I think they're great, but I am waiting for the 3 purely for screen res reasons, nothing else.

    Problem is, should I be honest and advise them to take it back and keep the money, or should I except it and sell it in Feb/March for an iPad 3? Also, would it be difficult to sell on the eve of the new model? Would it dip in value etc?


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    Accept it graciously and worry about the iPad 3 when it's released.

    You don't even know that the iPad 3 will have a higher resolution screen, or for that matter, whether there will even be an iPad 3. So, don't worry about it for now - you've got the cart ahead of the horse.
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