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Thread: video calling a macbook from an iPad...

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    video calling a macbook from an iPad...
    good morning forum,

    i just bought my mom an iPad 2 for xmas and i am setting it up for her. i can call her from my macbook using FaceTime and it works just fine. how does she call me on my macbook? when i try the FaceTime app on her iPad it says "andrew baca is not available for FaceTime."

    i thought i was a 'mac guy,' but now i'm confused...i've never hat to think!

    can anyone help?


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    I have other iOS devices that facetime rings on. The only way I was able to get my MBP to receive a call was to have facetime on - on the computer. May be annoying as the camera will always be on too.

    I generally use skype as I have many PC friends without iOS/Mac devices - runs more like iChat - where you have a window open - and you can choose to start a video chat. Works on iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch with proper equipment.

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    Is her iPad attempting to "call" you using your phone number (not gonna work) or your email address (should work)? Is FaceTime continuously on on your Mac (the only way that's gonna work)?

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    i always have the person that wants to facetime me text me first then i turn on facetime on my Mac.
    60% of the time it works every time.

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