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    Exclamation Is it possible that iPad 2 has expired warranty already?
    I'm planning to buy this iPad 2 so I asked for the serial number. When I checked it, it says that it has expired already. But since it was released this year, it was dubious. How did that happen?

    Is it still safe to buy that kind of iPad 2?

    Please help me! Thanks!!

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    Are you CERTAIN that it is in fact an iPad 2? There are a LOT of copycat tablets around and I'm always DUMBFOUNDED when somebody shows me their "iPad" (that they are complaining about and, as always, blaming Apple) and it's an Android knock-off.

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    The iPad 2 was released in March of this year, so every one of them should still be within the 1-year manufacture warranty. When you were informed of an expired warranty - was it a website you checked, or did you call a customer service line?

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    Sounds like it is an iPad 1 with no Apple Care.

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    Unless it is an iPad 2, and OP is talking about the 3 month phone support. There's every chance that could have expired...

    OP, what site was it you got your info?
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