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Thread: iPad 2 exchange

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    iPad 2 exchange
    Im new here and this may have b we answered but to my knowledge it wasn't anyway for a few unspecified reasons my iPad 2 warrants a warranty exchange. The nice guy from apple care says I just need to ship it tomorrow and the replacement would arrive in 5-7 days. However, he said I might could get something more quickly done a an apple store (about an hour and a half from me). So, my question is: what should I do? Has anyone else gone through something similar that knows which route is better. Thanks in advance!

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    Some folks won't mind driving...some would rather do the shipping method. Different strokes...different folks.

    If you have the time...and don't mind driving...I would go to the Apple Store...since I like to get this sort of stuff taken care of ASAP! Just make sure you call that they are in agreement with what Apple told you on the phone.

    You don't want to drive 3 hours (round-trip) for nothing.

    - Nick
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    I agree with Nick, call first. I have been in the situation of talking to AppleCare on the phone and then going to the store after they told me to. I got the response of "those phone guys huh" from the Genius in the store. In the end Apple came through as always, but I got the impression that the phone support and genius support differ in their views.

    And me, I would drive it there no question. I am a "I need it now" type of guy and hate waiting on anything.
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    And me, I would drive it there no question. I am a "I need it now" type of guy and hate waiting on anything.
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    I second (third?) calling ahead to your Apple Store before heading out. You wouldn't want to drive over only to find out they didn't have the correct model in stock or whatnot.

    I had some bleeding on my iPad when I bought it, but it was minimal, so I just ignored it. But, it seemed to be getting worse over the last couple months so I went to my Apple Store. They replaced it on the spot. I think I was in the store no more than 30 minutes. It was convenient and I didn't have to wait a few days iPad-less while products were in-transit.

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