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    Grad school on a budget: ipad2/bluetooth keybord vs 2009ish Macbook Pro
    So my gf's 2008 white MacBook is on the fritz and I'm trying to preempt a total meltdown of it by buying her either an ipad2 32GB/bluetooth keyboard/case or a used 2009 or so MacBook Pro. Our total budget is going to be around $750-$800 for this total (taxes and everything) and both fit in this category (average of a good condition 2009 MBP 13" on Ebay and a new ipad2). Here are some questions I have specifically about the ipad2 and college use....

    1) Is it compatible with 'Angelfire' and 'Chalkboard' as far as completing assignments online? Also are there major college-ish websites that would be competely incompatible with an ipad2 and the iOS system?

    2) How user friendly is the iPad version of Pages and Numbers for longer typing assignments (with a bluetooth keyboard at least for the longer assignments)?

    Obviously both have their merirts but I'm curious as to any personal experiences you folks have had in this particular situation. I know the MBP is probably 'better' overall but I'm hesitant to buy used and it quite a bit heavier to carry around a lot.

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    Anything relating to Flash is completely incompatible with an iPad or any iOS device so that may limit some sites depending on their implementation. Pages and Numbers aren't bad for the most part but don't expect to have as many options as the software that you get on Mac OSX. I look at the iPad as more of a media consumption device and less of something I would want to do work on. Some people get around this just fine and don't have issues but for me personally it has limitations and is not close to what you can do with a fully functioning OS like SL or Lion.

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