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Thread: iPad2 in Europe

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    iPad2 in Europe
    Hello all,

    So I am wondering if I can buy an iPad 2 wifi + 3g here in the USA and give it as a gift to my man in Sweden. He has an iphone 4s so I am thinking he will be able to tether his ipad to the wifi from his phone, but I am confused. He is planning on buying a mac mini too, and use the iPad as control for it or for when we travel.

    I guess my question is, would he be able to use the wifi from a European company onto his iPad, and also, if he wanted to get 3G, could he do so.

    I appreciate any answers/suggestions/comments you may have, the sooner the better! Thanks

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    The Wifi bit of your question should normally be absolutely YES: i have bought two laptops now, PC and Mac from the USA and have used them in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. just hook up to the nearest wifi port and away you go.

    for the 3G part of your question, you need to check with the 3G supplier if the iPad is locked to that company. I, like you, am not sure if it works the same way as a phone in terms of travelling abroad.

    i guess CHECK FIRST would be the direction.

    good luck

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    Wifi is wifi no matter where you go in the world. And 3G is 3G. what you want to do is purchase the "AT&T" version because it is unlocked, just like an unlocked phone. It comes pre loaded with an AT&T SIM card, but you don't have to activate it. Just keep it handy for the next trip to the States.

    When you give it to him, he will just need to go into any phone shop and purchase an micro SIM card with a data plan only. That's it!


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