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Thread: iPad or not?

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    iPad or not?
    Hi I'm a high school sophomore, I currently own a iPhone 3GS and a new 2011 MacBook pro that I bought about 2 weeks ago. I plan to buy apple care in a couple months for the Mac and i plan to keep it for 2-3 years atleast. To the main point I'm always looking for cool apple stuff, should I wait till after Christmas and get an iPad 2 or wait for a longer time for iPad 3? Any suggestions?

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    Since you just got a MacBook Pro...I would say hold out to see what the iPad 3 has to offer.

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    I got to agree with pigoo3 and if the upgrade bug has you then an iPhone 4s may be the

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    I love my iPad so its hard to say dont get it.. but you can do everything you need to do on your nice new macbook pro.

    Itll be a little heavier on your lap but I'd probably wait for iPad 3 if your really want one. Who knows whats going to be in the 3. hopefully a new camera.. thatll make me upgrade from my ipad 2..

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