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chinook 10-31-2011 02:36 PM

external hard drives for iPad.
I am going traveling for quite a long time and will be taking my iPad with me. I have found only one external hard drive for the iPad but it costs $399 for a 1Tb. Is apple going to be bringing out and external hard drive small enough to use for travel. I might have to change to another tablet if I can't find one.

IvanLasston 10-31-2011 02:57 PM

Are you talking about the hyperdrive?
HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive
You could get the driveless case - and just put in your own drive. That is $99 for the case - and I've searched google and a cursory scan seems to put a 2.5" 1TB drive at around $100 - so that would be $200 for putting a drive in yourself vs paying hypershop to put a drive in for you.

I wouldn't expect Apple to do anything - they are pushing for Cloud storage.

chinook 10-31-2011 03:06 PM

could you explain this process in a little more detail for someone who is not very techy? What drive would I get to put in the case? Any and all help would be much appreciated and make my life much easier.
Thanks in advance

IvanLasston 10-31-2011 03:27 PM

They make a case only option
HyperDrive Hard Drive for iPad (casing only)

Then you buy a hard drive such as this
MK1059GSM Toshiba 2.5in 1TB SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive 5400 RPM 8MB Cache-Best Computer Online Store Houston Buy Discount Prices
(You are looking for a 2.5" 1TB SATA - if you want to google it)

Basically - you plug the hard drive in - and bolt the case around it - it isn't a very hard procedure - but you can call up hypershop and let them talk you through it if you aren't that comfortable building stuff.

Yass John 11-06-2011 12:31 AM

How do you connect the ext hdd to the iPad?

Chuckoir 11-06-2011 04:53 AM

The same way you plug the charger in.

pcdebb 11-08-2011 03:34 AM

these might interest you.

Kingston Technology Company - Flash Memory - Wi-Drive

GoFlex Satellite Wireless | Seagate

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