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    WiFi suddenly stopped
    I've got an iPad 2 that has been working well on wifi since i got it, i got home today and the wifi isn't working, it shows the network (in wifi settings) but instead of the tick to say it's joined, there's that annoying spinning circle thing.

    The wireless icon is in the upper left corner of the screen but i can't access the internet.
    I have tried rebooting and restoring to factory settings via iTunes with no joy.

    i'd really appreciate any ideas as I'm getting desperate.


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    Have you tried connecting to any other wireless network yet? I would suggest that to try to see if it has something to do with your wireless network or the iPad. If it does connect on another network it could be something wrong with your network. Doing a restore to factory settings I would think would cover resetting network stuff but you can try removing the wireless network from the iPad by going to Settings > Wifi > Select blue arrow on your network > then scroll down and select Forget this Network. After that I would go Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings and then power the device off and back on. Trying all that should really get rid of any network settings on the iPad to start fresh. If you still have the issue make sure you haven't somehow changed something on your network. I've had no problems, and its recommended, when on a Wireless N network to use WPA2 AES encryption if you're going to run the network with password protection.

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