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    May 15, 2011
    IPad 2 no image in Photo app Photo Stream
    I have turned all Photo Stream settings off, Reset Photo Stream, turned them back on, copied an image to it. The MBA iPhoto and iPhone 4 Photo apps see the image in Photo Stream.

    The iPad 2 w/IOS 5 Photo app Photo Stream does not see the image. Other apps (for example PS Express) on the iPad see the image in Photo Stream. I have restarted the iPad and the Photo app.

    Any ideas?


    iMac, MacBook AIR (mid 2011), iPad 3, iPhone 4

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    May 15, 2011

    Message sent to app developer and Apple feedback:

    After upgrading to IOS 5 on iPad 2 I was unable to get my images to show in Photo Steam in the Photo app. I did all the restarts, resets, etc. without success.

    The Photo Stream images were available in the PS Express app.

    When importing from Photo using Photo Manager Pro two Photo Streams were available, one with zero and the other with the correct number of images. Also, Photo Manager Pro hangs for a few seconds when it starts.

    I deleted Photo Manager Pro and the images were immediately available in the Photo app Photo Stream.

    App Name: Photo Manager Pro
    App Version: 3.2.4
    Model: iPad
    System: iPhone OS 5.0
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    iMac, MacBook AIR (mid 2011), iPad 3, iPhone 4

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