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    iPad 2, iOS 5 and Mirroring, Full Screen?

    Is anyone aware of a way to have the new mirroring function through iOS 5 for the iPad show up full screen on my TV through Apple TV? I tried out the Hulu Plus app, but it is showing up in a "boxed" look on the screen with black borders on the edges.

    Thanks in advance.
    - Ben

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    The resolution on the iPad does not exactly match the resolution of a TV. Ergo, black bars.

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    I was actually curious if this just works in Apps, or if there is somewhere in the settings menu to have the iPad on the TV full time? Even when exiting Apps and switching between them.

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    The iPad is 4:3 and your HDTV is !6:9 so there is going to be black bars unless you zoom to fit which chops off part of the picture.

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