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Thread: iOS 5 and new apps

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    iOS 5 and new apps
    After my iPad finished the update I've a couple new icons/apps that have been loaded and do not seem to be able to be removed. In particular, there is a Newsstand icon I'd like to remove or hide.

    I tried putting it into a "folder" of other apps but it will not allow me to put it in there. (Does that make sense?) It let me move the Messages icon into a folder of apps but not the Newsstand.

    Any ideas? I don't read magazines and cannot imaging needing to use this Newsstand app in the near future.


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    Someone was discussing the same problem in another thread earlier... apparently the Newstand app is a folder itself -hence, it can't be placed inside another folder. It should be easy enough to move it to another "page' where it's less obtrusive though! I'd link you to the previous thread, but I'm not sure which it was in!
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    Some one posted this thread earlier advising how it may be possible to put newsstand in a folder.

    good luck


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