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Thread: iPad as external monitor using cable

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    iPad as external monitor using cable
    Hey, I want to hook up 1 or more iPads to my computer and use them as external monitors.

    Wireless can be unreliable and slow, so I was wondering if there's a way to do this using cables. Because that would be rad. As.

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    At this point, even when jailbroken, I do not think this is possible. I know it is not possible with the non-jailbroken machines.

    I use Air Display with no issues. I wont be gaming with the iPad as the screen, but for a screen to hold some extra stuff while I am working in other apps it is great.
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    +1 on AirDisplay. If you do go this route make sure to check compatibility before buying. With Lion there are some machines and video chipsets that don't work with AirDisplay. Hopefully there will be a fix, but until then check to be sure. Machines running Snow Leopard have no issues that I am aware of.
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