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    iPad 2 won't start iTunes when I plug it in
    I have an iMac 27, and iPad 2 and iTunes is set to open iTunes when iPad is connected. Any clues why it does not. Running the latest iTunes 10.4.1, OS X 10.7.1 on the iMac and IOS 4.3.5 on my iPad 2.

    Is there anything fix out there for this? Am I missing something?

    Thanks for any input provided.


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    Is it opening any other app (perhaps first) such as iPhoto? I find with my iPad2 that when i connect it to my iMac 27 that if I have taken photos or videos, it launches iPhoto as soon as I connect it, and due to the size of my iphoto library, sometimes this process takes several seconds. But mine does also open iTunes and begin to synchronize apps and purchases automatically.

    As far as I know, actions to take when iPads are connected are only controlled through the Options menu in iTunes when clicking on a connected device (iPhone, iPad, iTouch, etc) and I'm not aware of another set of options that would specifically control launching iTunes. Is there any chance that you are using an older cable for your USB2 connection instead of the cable shipped with the iPad2?
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    I have tried a new cable and that did not help. It is not opening any other apps when i plug the iPad 2 in. The iMac does nothing. When I open iTunes, it shows my iPad connected and it does it's normal sync and backup right away. it just won't open iTunes when i plug in the device even though it is checked /set too.

    I have an older iPod that I use when riding. It does the same thing as the iPad 2. Does not open when plugged in, but is set to in iTunes

    It has to be software related to the iTunes and iMac. I thought the latest iTunes update may fix it, but it did not.

    Scratching my head.....

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    Uncheck the option, click Apply, eject the iPad and disconnect.

    Quit iTunes.

    Re-connect the iPad, open iTunes, re-check the box and apply, eject the iPad, quit iTunes - disconnect the iPad.

    Then give it a go.
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    Bobtomay-that last post "fix" did indeed fix this, thanks for the information!

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    Awesome! Thanks bobtomay - Fixed!!

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