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    Newbie video question
    Ok, I have been looking all over and see hundreds of sites/threads talking about converting dvd's to the iPad. I am looking to do the exact opposite. I would like to pull video that I have taken with my ipad2 and make a DVD for family. My two questions are a) is this possible and b) how is it done. Again, my apologies if this is repetitious, but i have honestly done many searches and found nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Yes it's possible.

    You'd need to first open iPhoto. Plug in your iPad. Wait for it to show up in iPhoto. Select the video you want and tell iPhoto to download it. Then you can select that video and burn it to a DVD. I haven't done this but it might require you to first drag the videos out of iPhoto and into a folder (either on your desktop or to a specific location in Finder of your choosing), then select the files and burn it to a DVD. You'd do this by clicking the drop down inside the Finder window that looks like a gear and has an upside down triangle next to it. Should be in the center of the Finder window at the top of the window.
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    It is definitely possible, you simply sync the ipad with iphoto, then transfer the wanted video into the video converter/burner of your choice (these video converters can just as easily convert ipad video into dvd format).

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