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Thread: Who makes the best screen protectors for iPad 2?

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    Who makes the best screen protectors for iPad 2?
    Hey everyone,

    My husband and I just ordered an iPad 2 and we're super excited. We got the 64 GB wifi and 3G version. It can't get here soon enough! Anyway, we are in the process of getting a few accessories for it and we were wondering which company makes the best screen protector for the iPad 2. We could get them really cheap on ebay, but a lot of the ones on there are junk. (We've had bad luck getting screen protectors off ebay in the past that were really low quality.) We want a good quality one that will last and won't leave bubbles or residue. Any suggestions?

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    Do yourself a favor and get a PowerSupport Anti-Glare. It's by far the best and the most fingerprint resistant

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