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Thread: Thinking about getting an iPad - should I sell my iPod touch or Powerbook G4?

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    Thinking about getting an iPad - should I sell my iPod touch or Powerbook G4?
    I would like to get an iPad 2 but I have been thinking about selling either my 32gb 4th gen iPod touch or my 5 year old 15" powerbook g4 1.67 ghz in order to help fund the purchase. I'm not really sure I'll use the touch once I get an iPad, since they are basically the same thing only larger. Also, I might get an iPhone within the next year once it comes time for a phone upgrade. It's just to use at home and whatever. I have an iMac that I use as my main computer so my powerbook just sits tucked away and it's been powered off and unplugged. I don't even remember the last time I used it. I used it in college from 2005-07, and after I graduated in 07 it has sat unused at home ever since. I searched ebay and it seems powerbook G4's are still sought after and end up selling for good bit of $, but I'm not sure why since Apple doesn't even support Tiger anymore. I guess I'm interested in hearing some opinions and advice. Thanks

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    no. Not a good idea.

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    Powerbook since you don't use it. The "iPad is a bigger iPod touch" myth is only true if you only use your iPod touch around the house. But if you use it for music on the go, you'll hardly be able to use the iPad as a replacement.

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    Agree, sell the Powerbook if you don't use it. I still use mine, but that's me, the iPad will certainly replace it when it dies, as I just use it for browsing the web, and chat etc. now.
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    If I don't use it my philosophy is sell it to help fund what I will use.

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    Well i think I am keeping the touch for now until someday if/when I decide to get an iPhone, since it's small size is nice to have on the go for music and videos. Buy now I'm torn between the iPad 2 or the Macbook Air? I realize there's about a $500 price difference, but I want to make sure I make the right move. Like I said, I have a 1st gen 2007 aluminum iMac - 2.4ghz core 2 duo at home which is my main system that gets the most use. Now I would like to have something to fall back on for portable use. Something to take downstairs while I watch TV or whatever. Plus I just like the peace of mind knowing I have a back-up machine incase something would ever happen to my iMac and I would be without a computer. Also I can't see ever going outside with it since I don't need to. I almost feel restricted with the iPad like you can only do so much with it. Regardless of the endless debate, but to me from what I've seen in the stores, It does seem like a big iPod touch. The e-reader feature would be nice, but I'm afraid if I get one it will just sit unused, but then again so could the MB Air most of the time. I'm kind of stuck on this decision.

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    the thing that gives me pause with the ipad is having to use iTunes to load stuff on it. seems like the air is more useful for content creation. just my 2 cents though.

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