Hey Everyone, Unfortunately summer is just about over which means its time to dust off the backpack and head back to university.

I used my Ipad for the last few weeks of spring semester earlier this year, given it didn't do much "school work" because it was too late to justify buying books and other school related apps. But this year i want to try and take the plunge into full ipad integration! I still have my MBP if needed, but i thought i would try an Ipad-only semester see how it works out!

Anyways, back to my question. I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with the Zagg Folio Case? It's fairly obvious that in order to take proficient notes during class i will require some sort of keyboard, and why not have it protect my ipad at the same time??

That being said i know something like the zagg folio case and other similar products absolutely destroy the inherent sleekness of the ipad, which is why i am not totally set on such a solution and am open to suggestions!