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Thread: iPad and video

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    iPad and video
    Trying to help out our high school band. They shoot the performance on a cannon video camera (XHA1) and would like to move it to 4 iPads that night without using iTunes.

    However, if I want to transfer an iPad video file from my Mac to someone's iPad, I would be forced to use Sync and have to erase the contents of their iPad. *As an alternative, I would like to find an app that would upload a video (possibly using Bluetooth) between the Mac and the iPad - no Sync involved.

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    How about direct from the camera to the iPad?

    Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit - Apple Store (U.S.)
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    The camera only has FireWire.

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    Host the video on web sharing and download?

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    Great suggestion. However, we are trying to accomplish the transfer on the football field after the game. I'm looking at an iPad app called "azul". Not sure if that will work.

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