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jhallett17 08-28-2011 10:38 PM

Trouble erasing photos from first-gen ipad
So my Dad got an iPad 2 and gave me his first iPad to take to University with me. I plugged it into my mac and clicked erase and sync.
So I have a folder of over 300 pictures I want to put on the ipad. I went to the photos tab in the ipad management screen in itunes and selected sync from folder, and I picked the folder. In itunes, it says 367 photos are to be synced. Then when I sync, only 33 are on there, and all of my dad's photos from before were still there too.
Since I never use iPhoto and have no photos in it, I decided to sync the ipad to iphoto, to try and erase all of it. Now in the photos tab in itunes it says 0 photos, yet when I sync, all of my dads old photos are still there.

Anyone able to offer any help?

class77 08-29-2011 05:23 PM

Are you wanting to keep the apps your dad had on the iPad? If not, the best thing to do might be to reset the iPad. It's under Settings/General/Erase All Content and Settings. That would allow you to make the iPad 100% your own and return it to factory settings

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