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    Seagate go flex home and ipad
    I recently purchased a seagate go flex home external drive and I've stored a bunch of movies and tv shows on it. They have an iPad app so that you can remotely retrieve content and watch it (including video) on an iPad or iPhone. When the video is running, the AirPlay icon is visible, but when I click on it to AirPlay to my apple tv, I just lose sound and the video continues running on the iPad. I spoke to apple support who told me (of course) that it's a 3rd party app and they don't support it. I called seagate and they told me that's not what their product was designed for.
    Can anyone think of a work around so that I can AirPlay this content?


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    I think you already got your answer, from no less than two different sources. It's not going to work.

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    As I remember it from the iOS5 keynote, AirPlay video streaming will be native to the OS and not dependant on individual apps. Perhaps worth just waiting til September (ish) and seeing if that resolves the issue for you

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    Not really sure of your configuration here, but should be able to make it work without the Seagate APP.
    Assume you have the drive hooked to an AES or TimeCapsule so that it is always visible on your network (I'm doing this with an NAS). Two ways to do this that I use.
    1) Load the movies into iTunes w/o copying the actual files. With Home Sharing turned on the ATV will see them and stream them from your HD
    2) Use FileBrowser APP for the iPad. It provides Finder like functionality for your iPad, allowing double-click to run movies, and AirPlay works in FileBrowser
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