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    Ipad Apps won't open
    hey guys
    i am borrowing my boss's ipad. i have used it in the past but i know very little about these machines. when i click on an app, the screen blinks and then just takes me back to the list of all the apps... it does not open at all.
    any suggestions?

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    an app? any app or one or two apps in particular?

    Hold the power button down - slide the slider when it comes up to power the unit off.
    Then hold the power button again until you see the Apple to turn it back on.

    That doesn't work, hold the home button and the power button down at the same time - until you see the Apple - can take 20 seconds or longer.
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    Typically this is a bug with the authentication bit in the iPad. The easiest solution is usually to download a free application, enter your password for the App Store, and once the new app is downloaded, the rest should work as well. Being this is your boss's iPad, he'll need to enter his password to the App Store.

    You can verify that it's an authentication issue by launching one of the built-in apps. If it launches, but 3rd party apps don't, it's the authentication bit.

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    When that happens on my iphone I clear the ram or restart it and it fixes the problem.

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    Hi guys i was same problem but i slove it
    you can use iTunes to slove it connec your iPad with Itunes and click restore this process
    and backup your ipad than it take a few minutes to backup and process goingon to download a new softweare than start install it to your ipad do not unplug ipad from itunes than ask you to start using ipad like you bought ipad for first time

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