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    Aug 03, 2011
    Cool moving ipad and iphone (mobilesync) to external disk
    Dear all. I am running out of space on my little hardrive on the Macbook and if I am able to move the backup file to an external disk I can free up 20%.

    I read something on the net and tried to follow this but it did not work.

    I am pasting the link to this.

    How to Move the iPhone & iPad iTunes Backup folder to an External Hard Drive

    Any idea guys why this did not work?

    (I did change the required name on my external disk name etc.)

    Any experts out there with an idea?


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    Aug 03, 2011
    itunes backup file for the ipad and iphone :-)

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    Hang on, something's not right here. There's no way your backup file should be taking up 20 percent of your hard drive.

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