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    iPad compatibility with PC
    I was wondering if anyone out there with a PC can attest to the compatibility of the iPad (specifically iPad 2) with a PC. I have an iPod touch that is only mediocre at best in terms of compatibility and I understand that Apple products work almost flawlessly together, but I am not in the position right now to purchase a MacBook or anything like that right now. I have a couple of friends who just showed me how to get an iPad 2 for $5 on a website and a little help from some friends and seeing that one of them received theirs in the mail today, I'm pretty pumped about it! But if they don't work well together I don't know if I want to put the time and effort into it.
    I appreciate any input/opinions you can throw my way.

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    The iPad (first and 2nd generation) work with iTunes. As long as you keep your iTunes up to date, you shouldn't have any problems syncing with your computer.
    64GB iPhone 6, 64GB iPad Air 2.

    Reminder: Please include your Mac's specs. This will make it much easier for the other members to assist you.

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    Thanks for your response. I had a feeling it would be just like using the iPod with iTunes. I guess it is tolerable if I get the iPad the way I am going to. There is no way I would pay full price though with my past experiences with iTunes on a PC. Just doesn't run as smoothly as it should.

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    For some reason the phrase "if it sounds to good to be true ..." is stuck in my head.

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    Not sure what you are trying to do with the iPod and iTunes
    but mine have always worked perfectly with a PC via iTunes. Like it or not, that is the only way to communicate with an iOs device.

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