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    Ipad2 for college
    I was thinking of buying the ipad2 through the college bookstore in a few weeks for college use, I was wondering if there are any college students or people who know that if it would be a good investment to use electronic books on etc

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    Yes, that is exactly what I am doing. (MacBook Pro and 64GB Ipad). I recommend looking at what size you need. If you plan on keeping it for 4 years, then get the 32gb or 64gb. Pageburst is a nice app that some college's use it in which you could view your textbooks. I highly recommend it. Its lighter than the Air and is great if you don't have to do heavy multitasking during class.
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    If you don't plan on playing a lot of games and having a lot of music on your iPad, 32gb should suffice. Also, will your iPad be your only device? Because honestly at this point I can't see the iPad as a simple stand alone device for a college student. it's great for taking class notes, hand-written or typed, as well as doing some document/presentation editing when on the go, but when it comes to actually finalizing papers and everything, you will definitely want a computer to go with it.

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    Personally, the iPad was a great investment for school. For this upcoming semester I was able to save around $370 on textbooks by purchasing e-books that I was able to put onto my iPad. Since I'm a Biology many of my textbooks have alot of colored photos/diagrams, and the quality is still great on the iPad (even when I really zoom in.) Also, carrying my iPad around instead of 4 (large) textbooks is alot easier on my back.

    In our classrooms, the electrical plugs are in really inconvenient places, so students with laptops are pretty much limited to the back row of seats in class. With my iPad I'm able to sit closer to the front, and I don't have to worry about the battery dying. On average I get it takes about 8 hours to drain the battery to 20-25% with constant use (flipping through my text, highlighting, and using the internet.)

    I'm really glad I bought an has been a great tool for school. With that being said I also have a personal laptop and I only use this iPad for school. Additionally, since the keyboard is a little small I also bought the wireless keyboard from Apple for notetaking, and a stylus so I can write/draw notes for my various biology lectures/labs.

    Good luck with school!

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    I find it great to be able to have all my books with me all the time without all that weight. Also great for pdfs because i always lose loose sheets.

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    iPad a great investment for reading books
    taking notes, surfing, sending emails etc. BUT is is an adjunct to your lap top or desk top, not a replacement. You need to sync your iPad to something.

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    I bought an iPad2 *for school* (ahem!) and its wonderful. Its great for giving presentations/lectures, taking notes, ebooks, web surfing and playing games in boring classes =)

    It is a million times better having it for ebooks than for carrying all my textbooks in my bag. The ebooks typically are cheaper too.

    The apps I use most often for school are: Kindle app, iWork (Pages, Keynote, Numbers), iAnnotate PDF. I also use iBookshelf to track the books I own, which has helped alot for school too.

    I almost forgot! I also love iTunesU for downloading video lectures. I had an online class this summer and the lectures were available on iTunes. It was nice.

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    I bought an iPad on Friday for school, I'm just getting it setup for my class tomorrow and I'm wondering about what app is best for taking notes. I've looked at the CourseNotes app which seems great but there aren't a whole lot of reviews for it compared to Pages. Coursenotes is also only $4.99 compared to $9.99 for Pages, which isn't a big difference if Pages is a lot better. Does anyone have any recommendations? I wish I could test the apps out for a few minutes before buying them.

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    It all depends on how you study. I am not sure what company you buy your ebooks from, but kindle has an app for mac that lets you type in notes right in the book and highlight text. When i had an iPad 2 it did not have these functions. If you just want an e-reader with out the features mentioned above it works well. Personally I need more and am waiting till some better software come out for the iPad. I use my macbook air as an e-book reader, for me it works better to study on then the iPad. I returned the iPad soon after I got it. I don't really believe that a lot of college kids are using the iPad to study. The guys I know in college all have iPads, but don't use them to study. They use them to watch porn, videos, play games, and surf with them. One guy I know does read novels on his.

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    iPad For College At Harvard
    Quote Originally Posted by matthias51 View Post
    I was thinking of buying the ipad2 through the college bookstore in a few weeks for college use, I was wondering if there are any college students or people who know that if it would be a good investment to use electronic books on etc
    Having begun my second year at Harvard, I too use my 64 Gig - 3G iPad2 for not only book reading, but note taking and drawing as well. It wasn't long after buying it however, I was tired of the screen looking like I'd vomited on it all the time, so I searched the web for the best stylus, quickly coming up with a company called STYLUS-R-US.

    At first I wasn't impressed by their web site but after reading many reviews and authentic emails, I elected to buy the one they call The Entrepreneur. Fellow college students, if you have an iPad, do yourself the largest favor you will ever do and buy one of their stylus. This stylus is exactly as they promote and advertise. They require no pressure at all, and for every use one can come up with on the iPad, they are awesome. Note taking is a breeze. Art work is better than a pencil. Flipping from page to page book reading could not be easier, and all with the screen perfectly clean.

    Granted their site is somewhat confusing, and unlike any other, but I had to ask myself, was I there to judge, or buy. I chose buying and I am so glad I did. I think their url is beststylusDOCcom but if not, just Google Stylus-R-Us and they will pop right up. Their stylus has made my book reading and studying, 600 times more productive and fun. Hope this helps.

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