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    iPad 2 - Browser issue
    I'm new to the forum so firstly let me say hi!

    I recently got a new iPad 2, absolutly loving it. However I have one major issue.

    I am a cisco voip engineer, and aqs such I need to log into my CallManager servers through the browser for the GUI interface. Through safari, and many other browsers I have tested, I can connect, login and start to work.

    The issue I have is that only what is viewable on the screen is available, if the page being viewed is outside the current viewable screen area, those areas of the wb page are not available. There are no scroll bars on the side to scroll up and down on th web page.

    Has anyone else experinced anything like this before, if so is there a sollution to resolve this issue?

    I hoping this is not to much of a major probolem.

    Thanks in advance

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    First off welcome to the forum!
    In regards to your issue I'm wondering if maybe its some sort of code the website uses that safari mobile isn't picking up. I would try a different browser for your iPad to see if it works. The two I would try are opera mini or iswifter(this is the popular flash workaround one which is a little clunky but that way you can see if it will work)

    If neither of those work, I would recommend using some sort of remote desktop software such as splashtop- the server side is free, but the client iPad app costs money. However it will pretty much let you do just about everything.

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    I know nothing about what you are doing, but the reference to "no scroll bars" make me offer this lesson I learned that sounds similar, albeit in a vastly different setting.

    I was frustrated with certain pages in on line data bases not scrolling down so I could see the whole page, like Pacer and Lexis. I discovered that using a two finger scrolling gestures (two fingers scroll up or down) worked in lieu of scroll bars.

    Worth a five second try anyway.

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    Use your finger and scroll around the page to see content that's will not see any scroll bars until you actually begin to scroll..

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