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Thread: Should I sell my iPad 2 for a Laptop?

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    Should I sell my iPad 2 for a Laptop?
    So I bought an iPad 2 in late April and I love playing with it, but the truth is, I spend most of the time playing flash games and using programs on my PC. So should I just sell my ipad 2 for a laptop or just stick with my iPad?

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    You might want to wait and see what IOS5 brings to the table. Unless you need the money why not keep both.

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    I would hold on to the iPad for awhile as the previous reply suggested. It is interesting to note that many folks who bought iPads in the midst of the "feeding frenzy" when the iPad 2 was announced, are now reconsidering their purchase.

    The bottom line is that an iPad was never designed to replace a portable computer whether it be a Mac or PC.

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    I agree with the other folks in this thread. Hold onto it, and just purchase a laptop unless you really need the money. The iPad was meant as a compliment to your PC/Mac and not as a replacement no matter what people think. It's up to you though...

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    I also agree with this. That said after using iOS5 for a few weeks now I can honestly say that with the official launch of iCloud an iPad will be able to function quite well for mobile needs provided you fully embrace apple. Specifically, I'm referring to the document syncing with the iWork suite. Not to mention photostream and some of the other automatic sync features. If you're a PC guy then even with iOS5 it likely won't live up to your expectations.

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    I do NOT agree with previous posters.
    Maybe that's because I have a Windows 7 laptop but 'er indoors wants an iPad of some sort. (Insert Happy smilie)
    The trouble with letting people like me loose on the interweb with a debit card is that I now have the latest Mac Mini Aluminium running at 2.4 GHz with 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, 320 HDD and OS X 10.6.5 all wired up to a 70" LED screen ...... And not the faintest idea of how to use it.

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    I had an ipad 1 then bought an 11 inch air. it ruined my experience with the ipad 1. all i used was the 11 inch air. it did everything and more. it wasnt even decked out it was a base model and it still was awesome. now i leave my air at my parents so ive been thinking of doing the ipad thing again. if you like playing flash games and stuff like that 11 inch air is the way to go. you will not be disappointed.

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    Hold on to it and if you do need a laptop sell it and buy one.

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