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    Downloaded Songs on iPad Not Showing Up in iPod
    The last few songs I have downloaded on my iPad are not showing up in my iPod library. Not under playlists, purchased, etc. The strange thing is that the songs are all being pushed via iCloud to my iMac and PC. It doesn't make sense that I would have to sync my iPad every time I download a song.

    If I reset the iPad, i lose all of my songs and the only song that shows up is the one that was just downloaded? I then have to sync up my iPad with my iMac to get all of the songs back on my iPad. I have looked online for answers but haven't seen anything to help with this.

    Anyone else seen this or had this same issue. I believe my software versions are all up to date as well.

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    Until iOS5 is introduced the total syncing across devices unless I am mistaken is in beta and limited for right now the only way for sure is to manually sync to computer
    then manually sync each device.

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    The total syncing is working since the songs transferred to two other devices and i haven't manually connected my iPad to either of them. The only place they are not showing up is on my iPad, where i purchased them. I'm stumped. Hopefully someone has an answer

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